Monday, August 9, 2010


My computer is back and I can post pictures!! I am a tech. girl for sure. I like my computer, I like to post pictures. I missed her!! Now with that being said, I did get quite a bit of sewing done.
Blocks for my Bees.
This was the first time I worked with Batiks, I think I feel in love! This is for my...
A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee
A Wonky House for...
What else but..
Sew be Wonky Bee

Christmas Around the World Round Robin

3 X 6 Bee

I have also been cutting and folding up a storm with all the new 1930's prints I have received.
When you think of 1930's Prints please think of me and visit my stores.
Blocks for Lissa have been arriving and they are wonderful!! Thank you so very much. It is still not to late to help. Just let me know!!
Enjoy your day/night!


  1. glad you are back and sewing away...

  2. Busy, busy!!! Great pics!!

  3. I'm glad the Lissa blocks are arriving...and I'm glad you are back posting......nice blocks!!!

  4. Wonder what we'd get done if we had a week without computers? Great blocks.

  5. Yay!! Nice to have the computer back! I can't believe this is the first time you worked with batiks!! Eeegads... don't you just love them? Nice and crisp! Love the blocks.

  6. Hey sweetie. Can't believe how long it's been since I've taken care of my blog and visits.

  7. Wonderful work and beautiful pics.

  8. Glad you got your computer back. All those blocks are all lovely, Jane!

  9. Welcome back! All the blocks look great!

  10. for us! We love our post with photos best!!

  11. I see you have been very busy. Fun blocks.

  12. Hi Jane, so nice that you're back. Have been missing your cheeful posts. Your blocks are gorgeous! so many differnt looks :)


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