Friday, June 20, 2014

Farming on Friday

I did manage to get a few more Farmer's Wife Blocks done yesterday.

#33 Farmer's Puzzle

#108 Windmill

#15  Buzzard's Roost.

I also laid them out to take a peek.
Farmer's Wife Blocks to Date

Oh Farmer's Love.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you do something you love.


  1. Love indeed! Just delightful Jane! Well done!

  2. It's coming along just lovely! Well done in staying with it.

    1. Ooohhh....I agree....I esp. love that windmill.

  3. Your blocks are so cute! Love the fussy cut of the little girl!

  4. Steady my beating heart :) my eye was drawn to the kerchief girl, love every block you have done so far :)

  5. Jane, I love how your blocks look so good all laid out, especially the darling little girl with the kerchief, which reminds me so much of the Dick and Jane books we had in school when I was a little one. Can't wait to see the finished project and don't hesitate any more to switch to g-mail. I think you'll be much happier!

  6. hahaha...Buzzard's the name of that one! Janie, this is THE MOST BESTEST WONDERFUL FARMER'S WIFE .E.V.E.R.!!! The originals are SO dark and dreary and sad feeling. But YOU are a HAPPY farmer's wife! LOVE how your bocks are coming along!

  7. I am so used to seeing that quilt done in darker fabrics. I almost don't recognize the blocks. I really like your fabrics.

  8. That is turing out so well! I love your color/fabric combination. Happy Summer Solstice!

  9. Wow, you've gotten a lot done! They are beautiful! My favorite colors! What are you going to do for setting and border? Looks wonderful! XO

  10. Aww.. cute girl! I love her dress! Your blocks are awesome, Jane! This is going to be a stunning quilt!


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