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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Enjoy all that candy, I know I will!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

For The Love of Hand Embroidery-Guest Poster-Rosemary

Happy Monday to everyone. 
 I hope you had a nice weekend and did something you loved.
On to our next guest for
The Love of Hand Embroidery.


I would like to welcome
Rosemary who blogs as

Hi! My name is Rosemary, and I blog as tich at I originally come from Glasgow in Scotland, but for the last six years I have lived on a remote island, within the Orkney archipelago. There are about five hundred people, three shops, two hotels and a school on the island, and about once every six weeks my husband and I take a ninety minute ferry ride to go to Orkney Mainland to do a supermarket shop.

One of our beaches

I was tickled pink, when Jane invited me to take part in the hand embroidery challenge. I had never seen Presencia thread, so I was really interested to see how it would perform. My package of threads arrived, and I was really taken with the colours.

I was supposed to find an embroidery pattern and duly embroider it, but, as my friends know, I like to make life difficult for myself, so I set the following challenges –
 I could only use the Presencia thread
 I could only use the colours Jane so kindly sent me
 I had to use my own designs
 and I had to use as much of the thread as I possibly could!
- I know, I am nuts!!

Designs - Being a Glaswegian, I immediately thought of Rennie Macintosh and the ‘Glasgow Rose.’ I sketched out some roses and then came up with the following designs, which I thought I would use in different ways -




Coaster (not a Glasgow rose in sight!)

Book Cover I had this wonderful glitzy material, which I have been saving for something special, and the bookcover came into this category exactly.

 I transferred the design onto white cotton, and embroidered it using the Presencia threads.

Design in Hoop

This is the first time I have tried these threads, and they are so good! There is no fraying, tangling or breaking. My kind of thread! I made the book cover, and then applied the embroidered design the front.

I thought the front needed a little more pizzazz, so I added some embellishments and declared it finished!!

Needlecase Yet again, I had a lovely piece of silk that had been languishing in the drawer for years. It was begging me to be used! I transferred the needle case design onto white cotton, and used the Presencia threads from Jane with some beads – just to add a little glitz!!

I put pure wool pages in to hold the needles, as our salty air makes my needles and pins rust. I named each page for the different needles I use and decorated each one with different beads. 

I have six different pages in all. I love it, and I haven’t stopped using it, since I made it!

Pincushion -The pincushion was quick and fun to make, I transferred the design, embroidered it and applied the wool shapes, inserted lace before I sewed the top and bottom together, turned right side out and stuffed with woolly fleece, which came off my own sheep. The lanolin in the wool stops the pins rusting.

After the pincushion, I was a bit fed up with the Glasgow rose, but I still had thread left, so I experimented with some of the wool I dyed myself (those sheep come in useful, and they taste good too!). I needle-felted the wool onto a felt background, trying to depict what our bay looks like during a windy night at sunset. I embroidered some grasses and local wild flowers, which can be seen everywhere. This was my first try at this and I would not say it was brilliant. The embroidery sank into the wool, but I liked the process, so I am going to keep trying.

Coaster – By this time some of Jane’s threads were either finished or extremely low, so the coaster was the final project. I wanted to do a free embroidery, so I cut the basket and the flowers out of wool, and then just let my needle do what it wanted on the background of cream wool. It was great fun and I definitely want to do more of these.

 The. cream wool was appliqu├ęd to pink wool, using a running stitch, and this in turn was applied to a .3mm thick piece of wool, which had been scalloped.

I liked this so much, I made two fridge magnets to match -

I want to thank Jane for giving me the opportunity to do this. I had a great time designing these projects, but I also got the chance of trying to use Presencia threads, and I can thoroughly recommend them to you. I wanted a challenge, and I definitely feel Jane made me think of new designs and new ways to do them. I have linked to Jane’s shop, so you can go yourself to see all the wonderful colours of Presencia thread. I did not use difficult stitches in any of the projects – straight stitch, lazy daisy, backstitch, whipped backstitch, buttonhole stitch, French knots and threaded backstitch. Why don’t you have a go. It is great fun and so relaxing!
Till next time


To our readers.  After you leave your comment, Rosemary will come back to her post and hit reply to answer your comments and questions. So make sure to come back later in the day!

Roaemary thank you so much for sharing with us today. I love your work! Wow, where to start! The idea of how you challenged yourself was brilliant  That is something I would like to try. Here in Illinois we have no sheep near, what an idea, I hope you play around with that more. Thank you for playing and for your inspiration. 
PS I would never put a glass on that coaster!

PS  Presencia Thread is a $1.00 in my
Stock up for the holidays

Friday, October 25, 2013

I am raising the roof!

Yep, I am raising the roof. Well actually three!  I have a spot in mind for my barn quilt so I made three more this week. I have a total of six. Not sure how many more I am going to make, but, boy are they fun! There is still time to play. Just click the link on my side-bar.

Have a wonderful weekend. Do something you love.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Flimsy!

I know I said I would have the flimsy purple college quilt ready last week. Oh well, I had the best of intentions! 
But,  here it is...

I am going to back it with lavender Riley Blake Gingham. 

The next young lady likes coral.  I was able to get it all cut.  I hope to get this flimsy done soon.  

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 21, 2013

For The Love of Hand Embroidery-Guest Poster-Andee

Happy Monday to everyone. 
 I hope you had a nice weekend and did something you loved.
On to our next guest for
The Love of Hand Embroidery.


I would like to welcome
Andee who blogs at

Hello!  I am Andee over at The Modern Diary and as you know by now if you read Jane, she has started having guest bloggers for the love of hand embroidery every Monday.  This past summer, Jane asked for volunteers to try out her floss--Presencia threads with any embroidery design they wanted to feature on her blog between August and December of 2013.  I was up for the challenge and I was a happy girl when I got the beautiful threads in the mail!  It was so much fun picking out what I would embroider.  I spent quite awhile browsing through Pinterest and the web, and even bought a few books.  :)

You may recall I am brand new to embroidery.  I have done some redwork and bluework, but not much--and several months ago I took a class over at the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild in which I learned some basic embroidery stitches like these...

I then happily completed my first project which was this elephant pillow! 

Seriously it was fun surfing Pinterest and some websites to find the perfect little stitchery to use these threads on!  For Jane's challenge, I finally decided on this cute little gnome pattern!  I started working on it while on a road trip and then finished it up by the end of summer. 

I was having so much fun I decided to make Hug-Bot which was a freebie from Sublime Stitching too!

To our readers.  After you leave your comment, Andee will come back to her post and hit reply to answer your comments and questions. So make sure to come back later in the day!

Andee thank you so much for sharing with us today. I love the idea of learning new stitches. Your oval embroidery hoop reminds me of a hoop my mother use to have, and to use all those stitches on your Elephant, just beautiful! 
I am sure you have inspired people to try new stitches and that it is always fun to try a new craft. Thank You!

PS  Presencia Thread is on sale in my
Stock up for the holidays