Wednesday, October 9, 2013

College Quilts

Our youngest daughter (we have three) is in her Senior year of High School. College is right around the corner. Of course I will make her a quilt as I did the other two girls. But before I start hers I also like to make some for the girls special friends. This year I will have a few to make so I thought I better get started.
Do you blog hop from the top of your blog? You know where it says "next blog"?  I get a little afraid to do that for more than three or four. Don't ask me why!!
But, I did just that and found this blog with this amazing quilt at 

I emailed Diane and asked her about the pattern. 
She had made it up!

Well, it just so happens that one of Maggie's friends loves purple.


Here are the colors Maggie and I picked out...

I did get a start on the quilt. Cutting!  I have a very pretty white tone on tone that I am also going to use for this quilt.

 I hope to have the flimsy done this weekend.  
I love this pattern and Diane's blog is super fun too! 
Thanks for your visit!

 Happy sewing!


  1. I made 'graduation' quilts for both of my kids. It is truly something special and it is super kind of you to make quilts for their friends.

  2. Wow - you are a "friend's mom" dream come true!! She'll be thrilled! Love the quilt!!

  3. You are so nice to do this! She will remember you always :)

  4. Wow, what a nice thing to do! I like the color choices that you made and thanks for sharing the quilt.

  5. Really nice colors you picked for the quilt. I did use the next blog button once and the blog I ended up on was a really sad blog from a husband's perspective about his wife's depression and many suicide attempts. I quit using that button after that.

    Love the Snoopy and pumpkin graphic with your name. Where does one find cute graphics like that?

  6. That will be so nice to take to college! I have only made four off-to-school quilts so far, but I love the idea!


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