Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bee Blocks

First I would like to thank everyone that gave me ideas and sent links to find knitted animal hats for the grandbabies. So many to choose from! Very exciting, thank you again!
Now on to some bee blocks I finished this week.  I am once again in the

This is a fun Bee. You pick one block and make it several times in colors your hive members picked.
I choose Red/White/Blue  Surprised?!
When I receive my blocks I will post them for all to see.

Here are the blocks I made for my group.

I love how different each block looks with just a change of color.

What is next?
Yes, the Wizard of Oz Quilt
~~add borders
~~make a backing
~~layer and pin

Goal by Sunday Night.  I think doable!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Maybe someone knows...

I need some help please.
Does anyone know where I can get a knitted animal hat pattern. I would love to make them for my grandbabies.
You know, the ones that have ear flaps and cute ties and are a bear, pig, zebra, etc.
Any links and I would be grateful.
Have a happy sewing day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Not One But Two Winners!

The winner for the $25 gift certificate to Quilt Taffy is..

Cindy Staub said...

# 35 I love your dresden block, so beautiful!

Then I had so much fun, I decided to pick a winner from all my followers.

The winner for a $15 gift certificate to Quilt Taffy is..

Sparrow In Flight

Enjoy girls!

Katie and I !!

Oh, Katie and I have been having fun, a lot of fun!
I love to hand piece and she is just the best fabric in the world.
We are getting along quite nicely!
When I am done Katie will be

108 inches by 120 inches

No border, just Katie!

I like to work in sections so you will see a little scrap of paper pinned to the top left corners.
Row A section #1, Row A section #2  and so forth.

I have Rows A.B. and C done.

I am at a standstill while I wait for more yellow ribbon Katie to arrive, it is my favorite.

Here she is so far!

WOW, first it was too sunny for pictures, then too dark. She did not want to go outside with me so this is the best we could do for now!

 See in this above picture? I do not like those two blues together. I must do something about that!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take a few minutes

Take a few minutes as you blog hop and listened to few of my favorite songs. I could and have played these over and over and over!

I have seen Sarah Brightman in concert and she gives me chills every time I hear her. (Did you know she had once been married to Andrew Lloyd Weber?)
You of course know her from The Phantom Of The Opera but this is my favorite songs and not that well known.

Sarah and Josh Groban, REALLY!!   WOW!

One last favorite!!


September 20th

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's My Day

It is my turn for the Dots to Dots Blog Hop
Remember it runs through Friday!
A huge thank you to Madame Samm and Corrie from Quilt Taffy. This has been such a fun hop!
The thing I love about these hops is the chance
"to try"
to try, new blocks, new ideas and new skills.

So...First up paper piecing practice!
I know many of us know  Ayumi from Pink Penguin she is amazing! Her paper piecing patterns are so much fun and this is one of her patters. The tutorial and pattern can be found HERE

Something new?
Yes, I tried stamping!
This is fun, really fun!
I believe I got better as I went along, at least I think I did!

 I am not ready to use these blocks as Ayumi has so many new patterns coming out and I would like to add them to these blocks for a wall- hanging.

Then, I have always wanted to try a Dresden Plate Block, but had no idea how; so my friend Elaine gave me a lesson!
This is what I came up with...

I used my Dresden Ruler and made 5 inch blades. Sewed them together and got this..

Super fun and very easy!  But I thought the middle hole was too big so I made another one with 2 1/2 inch blades. Now this is where I really learned something. I thought if it was smaller you would not use the same number of blades, oh no, I learned it is the width of the blade not the length! 
 I so need more Dresden rulers!

Tombow Glue, have you used it before? I love this glue. I put some on the small blades and positioned it right over the larger blades. It is great for place holding.  Want some, Corrie our cheerleader has it in her store HERE

Now what to do with that hole?
I do not applique, at all!
Here is my brainstorm.

Ny Grand- babies play plate from their kitchen. Aah, a good size!

Trace on cardboard, add pink scraps to my pink vase! 

 cut out the circle, trace on fabric,  use glue,

I know, I know but this is not a quilt and I know the cardboard will not be coming out but that is OK!

Fold over the fabric on to the cardboard.

I then use Steam-A-Seam Two put some in the middle and plopped down my circle and steamed it into place!

Pinned and ready to quilt.

What do you mean my cardboard fabric circle is too big?
Yes, I agree, so off it came and on went a pinking shear circle with Steam a Seam Two

By this point I bet everyone who applique's is cringing.

Sorry!  But I am making this up as I go along!

On to my favorite part.
The quilting.
Again, no idea at all how to applique so I used pink Prescencia thread, (which our cheerleader has HERE) and did a big stitch on the large blades, the small blades and in the ditch of the binding.


This is how I plan on using my non-conventional Dresden Mini Quilt!

BTW, I have no idea how but the large plate is really 12.5 inches!  Again, no idea how that happened!
Thank you for sticking with me for this picture heavy post. As a small token of my gratitude I would like to give you a chance to win a
$25 Gift Certificate from our Hostess
Corrie from Quilt Taffy.
She has amazing fabrics, yes dots, and Prescencia Thread, Tombow Glue and the fleece we will need for the up-coming Coin Purse Blog Hop. I also hear she will be getting the handles as well.

To win this prize.

Leave a comment. Follow if you wish.
For a second chance visit Quilt Taffy and let us know what you love!
I will pick a winner sometime on Friday.

Now please visit the other blogss that are also posting today.

September 19

janesfabrics (you are here)

Happy Hopping!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shop Hop Booty!

My friend and I went on a Quilt Shop Hop last Friday.
Really we only hit three stores but they were an hour or so away.
We had to stop for lunch!
And spend at least an hour in each store
It was a full and fun day!

I was such a good girl.
(Not that I was trying to be!)

First up Dots!
No trip would be complete with out dots!

Green because I liked them and the blue is from the Berenstain Bear Line. You know Mama's Dress is such a special blue that I wanted to make sure I had the right shade.

A beautiful Cjhristmas Print from Michael Miller.
Christmas Faries/Angels with GLITTER!
I adore glitter.

And then...
Be still my heart
I know I have said this a least a hundred times but my love for Charlie Brown goes way back to my chiuldhood.
I even wrote to Charles Schultz when his comics appeared in the Chicago Tribune.
I also would project pictures on the wall, trace them and then color them.
Hmmm, I think I was a nerd!
Not the fun, cool, gal I am today! LOL!!



Oh I am going to have fun with this fabric!

 and now may I present todays Dot Hop schedule
(why some are black type and some blue? I have no idea!)

September 17th

   The Sunflower Patch