Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now do not laugh!!!

No laughing!!
Anyone and I mean anyone who know me, knows my love of pink.  As I was making the stars for my granddaughter's quilt, I started to accumulate pink scraps.
I have always wanted to have a lamp with a plain glass stem so I could add fabric scraps to the inside.
I have yet to find such a lamp
as my garbage can started to fill with yummy pink scraps,I found the next best thing to a lamp!
I had a beautiful glass container. It is now filled with happiness!!
This will be by my sewing machine as it just brings me joy!

Little M's quilt progress.
28 wonky stars finished.
28 pink dot squares cut and ready to go!
Next, rows!

It is so hard when your mind is young and your body is not!!! I worked on the stars all day Saturday and now I have such shoulder pain that I have to stop quilting for a week or so!!
This is soooo frustrating!!
I want to quilt.
But nooooooo, I have to use Icey Hot Patches and rest!!
Not a happy camper.
The good news, great TV tonight!!!
I cannot wait!!

Did I ever show you my pink phone?
Yes, it works!!!


  1. a pink a holic I see....cute photos

  2. no not laughing, if it makes you happy have two.....

    love it

  3. Your stars look awesome....and your inspiration is just what it is inspirational...and that quilt that Madame Samm made is just out of this world. I have elbow pain....but I keep quilting, when my elbows sit still it hurts like the dickens to start them up again....but....I am stubborn....

  4. Why not find an ugly lamp that is the proper height of your beautiful glass trash can.. and steal the lamp parts from it, and make your own out of the trash can? :) You just need to steal some partz! I'm sure you can do it.. And have all your pretty pink scrapz inside :) walaaa!

  5. well I am laughing...cause I knew you would not keep it under to speak lol
    Well now best get the other baby M's quilt done before she bonds to mine.......
    Lovely pink stars though..mine was a tad easier...oh love that pink phone..I would like a black one..

  6. That glass container looks so pretty, the star blocks are gorgeous, that phone is AMAZING! And Madame Samm is incredibly talented. I'm now going to gawp at the pictures some more! Oh and appropriately I'm wearing a pink jumper while I read this :)

  7. Love your pink!!! Hope you feel better soon. I have been making hexies (just a beginner) and my right hand is killing me. I don't know what I did to hurt it though.

  8. Not laughing Jane...makes you happy and it looks great.
    Love Baby M's quilt...that is so lovely of Madame Sam..who would think the label was "just circles" clever.
    Julia ♥

  9. Jane I'm not laughing...I'm jealous! I love your glass container filled with pink scraps. I bet you could find a way to make a lamp out of it...get a piece of glass cut for the top with a hole drilled in it, get a lamp kit at Hobby Lobby and you're in business. Really! And the quilt Samm made is beautiful and so perfect for your new grandbaby. What a happy day. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Your pink scraps are gorgeous! What a great idea to display them! I know a lady who has just the kind of lamp you are looking for, but I'm not sure she would be willing to send it! The pink star quilt will be darling!


  11. Love the pink scraps... fun, fun fun.

  12. Oh Jane, I love your pink scrap display! ( I have a kitty who would love to help you rearrange them ! ) Little Missy M is a lucky little girl to have not one, but two quilts stitched with love to sleep under. Hope your shoulders feel better soon. Ouch.

  13. I knew there was a reason we clicked! Pink gals! You ordered the things from me that I wanted to keep. Great minds think alike eh???

  14. Love the Pink!! Awesome idea to use the glass container :) I also stopped by to see if I was too late to get in on your wonky house swap .... can I sign up?? Please, pretty please? Can I bribe you? LOL Hugs dear and your two week old Baby M photo is kissably adorable!

  15. I love the pink too! The phone is so cool and your stars are great! Baby M is one lucky girl!
    I hope your sewing shoulder gets better soon!

  16. Ikea... they have those kind of glass fill-able lamps.

    Miss M is going to be soooo pretty in pink!

  17. I love the little cube filled with pink! What a great idea!
    What a sweet quilt from Madame Samm! What a great friend!

  18. I am not laughing because I think it is a very fun idea. It looks like a container with pink candy in it.
    Oh, what a sweet quilt from Samm

  19. What a wonderfully nice thing for Samm to do. Enjoy your gift and your pink scraps. Judy C

  20. Your pink wonky stars are progressing nicely. Hope you feel better so you can get back to sewing! Love Madame Samm's quilt for Baby M...just love the sentiment, Heaven Sent!

  21. I'm so not laughing at your jar of scraps...I'm copying it!!! Your star blocks look so pretty! That is such a sweet quilt from Samm!

  22. Wow, a handmade quilt from Madame Samm. Lucky you!!
    And yes, I think of you whenever I see pink

  23. Never can we have too many pink scraps! I love that phone, does it really work, how can you use it. It was a sad day for my parents when the phone company notified them that they could no longer use their fire engine red rotary phone.

  24. Pink is an amazing colour! Those stars you made are lovely and the phone is stellar :)

  25. Girl, I'm right there with Marlene! I'm lusting after your pink scraps and your gorgeous pink vase. I LOVE PINK. PINK RULES. PINK AND RED RULE. What a beautiful quilt it will be.

    Samm's quilt is just to die for and I know cutie patootie will feel the love that went into making it for you. It's just the best ever!

    MUST HAVE YOUR PINK PHONE. MUST HAVE YOUR PINK PHONE (or at least a red one?) mantra

    Love and hugs friend,

  26. Iknow what you mean when I cut up some red Santa fabric and white fabric it looked so pretty I got a clear glass ball ornament and put them in it. So pretty just to look at.

  27. I do believe I have the exact same container sitting in my linen cupboard. Mine had originally come with a flower arrangement. Great idea for the colorful scraps.....though mine probably wont be pink.

  28. I've been tempted to o the same thing, so I think it's a great idea. =)

    Madame Samm is so talented!


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