Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday to everyone!

I hope all of you had a nice weekend. Ours was very busy; we had a family wedding on Saturday. The ceremony started at 1:00PM and the reception was at 5:30PM. We were over an hour from home, but it was close to downtown Chicago and since our middle daughter lives downtown, we went to her house in-between. No sewing that day as we got home at 10:00PM. I feel as if my Sunday was a productive day. I started out the day helping my YD get her room ready to re-decorate. "T "you will be happy to know her favorite color is purple and she wants to go with a purple and green theme. You know what that means a new quilt!!I think this one will be fast and easy large green and purple squares, and I thought I would tie the corners but put colorful purple and green buttons in the middle of the square. Now all I need is the purple fabric and the buttons!!

I tidied up my office a little and got bolts of fabric ready to cut and fold into fat quarters.

I also finished this baby quilt I was working on for my OD friends new little baby boy.

Then I worked on the Christmas present that I cannot show you until I give it to the recipient.

Well, I also started Holiday decoration preparations!! My husband cleaned the carpets in my living and dining room. We are getting new carpet, but I wanted to wait until after the Holidays. I have the Dept 56 Dickens Village that my Mom started for me in the year 1977. I put it up each year and I would love to take you along on the adventure. I hope to get this done by Friday, no ,not Friday, I am going to a quilt show! Saturday then!! Oh wait, we have Basketball games for my daughter! Sunday, for sure Sunday ! Oh nuts, I will post a picture when it is done!!!


  1. I love the baby quilt! And it sounds like you have a busy week ahead...those busy weeks seem to come quickly this time of year!

  2. are so funny! I too love the baby quilt. There is just something about tied quilts that make me think of traditional quilting bees.

  3. Christmas is in the air - I feel it on many blogs. I'm not ready yet to think about it but I'd better start thinking of decorating. Weddings are nice. And nice to get over!

  4. Charming quilt! I would love to see your Studio 57 collection!
    Have a good week!

  5. I love your baby quilt. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!

  6. Jane, you are such a good mom. I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful. Your Christmas quilt is lovely. I'm currently working on a Christmas quilt. My first ever quilt I've made. Happy Tuesday

  7. Perfect fabrics and perfect pattern for a baby quilt. :-)


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