Monday, February 25, 2013

It's All About Me~~~ My Turn

Today is my day!
I would like to thank Madame Samm  from  Sew We Quilt  for this very fun idea. Our cheerleader Marlene from Stitching by the Lake for all her hard work.
And a special thanks to Amy Bradley for one of her super cute and fun patterns, which she supplied free of charge to the hoppers.
Thank you!

I am sharing this day with...

Monday, February 25

I am very predictable.
Those who know me (even my grand-children) know what I like!


No mystery here!
So why should my lady be a mystery?

This is how I see myself in the future.

I love sweets, hence her cupcake MooMoo, with glitter cupcake wrappers.
My glasses with bling.
My pink headband with bling.
Pink pins in my pincushion.

If I surround myself with pink now, why would it change?


I'm in the Pink!

I took my pictures in the snow! We finally have some snow.
Now it can melt and be Spring!!

Here I am...

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Have fun hopping and thank you for your visit!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wrap Up

Just a few final comments about this weeks Hop.
Thank you to Madame Samm for this fun idea!
Thank you to Madame Samm for allowing me to be the cheerleader.
Thank you to our participants. You are all amazing.
Thank you to all our visitors and those who left comments. We need you and love you.
Thank you to our new hoppers and our regular hoppers.


thank you Samm for my little girl. I will treasure her "always".

I love these hops, they bring out the best in everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced quilted.
They bring us together as a community.
They inspire us!
They entertain us!
They fill us with happiness and joy.
They introduce us to new blogs, and new friends.

This has been a wonderful week for me personally. 
PINK, Love and candy! 
 It was marvelous!

Thank you!

PS The winner of my giveaway is

#56 Tammy.  I have sent you an email. Congratulations!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Hop Day One- Psst, My Day

It's here!!

I am so excited for this hop, pink, red, and inspiration abound! Yippee!!
Thank you to Madame Samm for yet another truly heart-filled idea!  And for allowing me to be the cheerleader!

Let's Go!

I  get to share the day with these talented ladies.

Monday February 11th

When I have an idea for a project, I can see the picture in my head and know just what I want to do...
But Why? Why I ask you
does my project
look like the picture?

As Pooh Bear would say "Oh, bother"

My picture, A Valentine Table-Runner. Long and skinny.
My project, a table topper fat and square!!
BUT, I still love it.

I started out with 2 1/2 inch strips that I sewed in a random order. 
 Hoping to make it long and skinny. 

Should have measured the strips first!  Live and learn.
So the plan changed to a table topper.

Michael Miller Ta Dots for border and binding.

Michael Miller Disco Dots for backing.

Thanks to a blogging friend, I knew I wanted to try stamping fabric. Conversation Hearts have stamped words on them and sometimes the stamping is off center or not stamped all the way. Oh, this was perfect for me! I got out my stamps, heart templates and got busy.  I did iron Pellon on to the fabric before I cut the hearts so I could fuse them on to the topper.

Well I decided to try my hand at machine quilting.  By the time I was done (mind you this is about 24 X 24 inches) I wanted to throw my machine out the window.  No more for me, I hand quilt.

Bless all of you who can machine quilt. I am in awe! 
 Here is a sample of my attempt!

there are more things I cannot do than can.
  I amuse myself!
I cannot applique!
Yet, I try, and this is what I came up with.
Oh yes I did use my Presencia  Thread.

One final touch Ric Rac, I love Ric Rac!

 I also wanted to show you a close up of my favorite vase. This was my mother's as is the plate in the final picture. I believe this is called Milk Glass. These are so very special to me.

And Ladies and Gentleman, Here she is........
 Hot coffee and brownies too, yummy!

If you have made it this far you deserve a reward!
How about  6 fat quarters?

Just leave a comment.
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You can also visit her
to see all the projects.

Sue Zipkin is the designer * here is her blog
with her new
HUG ME collection...

Thank you so much for your visit and enjoy the Hop!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Advice Please.....

I am hoping for some advice. I am just going to give a little back-story for my new followers.

My new slogan is, Love It, Buy It, and then USE IT!!  No more saving for the right project. I will always fall in love with a new fabric line.
My favorite fabric is
Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt.  
So no more hoarding.
Step one get it out!

Next cut into 5 inch squares.

Now the fun really started. I decided to make this king size and to
piece it all by hand!  I love to do handwork.
So it went from two patches to four to eight and so and so on

 until it was 120 inches by 109 inches.

Today was the perfect day to take pictures as the snow was reflecting through the windows.

So here is the top, flimsy, you get the idea!

Now, advice please!

I want this to be a summer quilt. Not heavy, but to feel like a sheet.
Here is my brainstorm of an idea!
Now do not laugh, this is the flannel I am going to use for the back. 
Yep, pink roses!

Here it comes...

I was not going to use batting!  Gasp!
  Just quilt the top and flannel.

Do you think it will work?

Should I scratch the flannel and just use a cotton backing with no batting?

Do I need batting?

This top will also be quilted by hand.

Thank you for any advice. 
And please be honest, I need help!!

Thank you!