Monday, September 1, 2014

My 10 Little Quilty Secrets

After reading Val's Post today from Val's Quilting Studio, I decided to jump in and join the fun!

1. I hoard fabric. I pet it too.
2. Pin, why?
3. Patterns?  Only if I have to.
4. I steam iron, not press. The more steam the better.
5. I never cut off the selvage.
6. Shhh, I do not like Aurafil.......
7. I do not care if seams match perfectly, Hmm, maybe I should pin.
8. I NEVER pre-wash. Not even red!
9. I always have several projects going at one time.
10. I do not care one iota about UFO's.

Oh boy, that feels good!

Thank you to Amy over at 13 Spools for the fun linky!

Head over and read the other posts and join the fun!


  1. hahaha.....that was fun! From the title I thought I was going to learn some new quilting tips. LoL Boy am I glad to read that someone besides me does not like Aurafil thread! I thought for sure I was the only one.

  2. Your number one CRACKED me up was I thought of our previous conversation this summer. It's THE perfect number one for you! LOL! thanks for making me wonder we have so much following each other. :)

  3. Loved your secrets. They all made me smile. Maybe I can relate!

  4. Oh wait, except I never steam...always dry and starch...

  5. I think we have a lot in common!!

  6. Wow Jane! How funny. We are alike. Glad you put it in words!

  7. Confession is good for the soul, isn't it Jane? Several of your sins apply to me as well. Sometimes I wish I had a little OCD, not like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets, but a small amount.

  8. I agree with so many of these but I will say that while I'm not a pin-aholic I do use a few and they really help at times.


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