Friday, June 20, 2014

The First

How fun is this!  Val from Val's Quilting Studio is celebrating her one year blog anniversary.  She had a fun idea about sharing our first post.

When I went back to look at my first post I just laughed.  It was titled My Three Girls and there were 5 comments, 2 were deleted spam and three were from you know who!

The post can be found
and I am linking up at Val's.
 Such a fun idea.

Why don't you link up too.


  1. And such lovely young ladies, too.

  2. Oh, I think I am too embarrassed to do that, although i was reading some of my blogposts from four years ago, while I was looking for something! Nice to know we grow and change, I guess!

  3. Bahhhhh hahahaha! You crack me up! I just came from reading your first post...and am laughing to think your first three comments were from "you know who". LOL!! Thanks for the shout out...


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