Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Do Not Think It Is Just Me......

I am not sure but I do not think it is just me or is it?

I am thinking because the United States had one doosy of a winter we are spending a lot of time outside.

I know I am and because of that sewing and blogging have been put aside for a while.
As I type this it is almost midnight and by golly I did not sit more than 45 minutes at my machine.
I did however get snuggle time with my grand-babies.  Dinner with hubby and an evening walk together.

Over the weekend as I was doing laundry I did make two
Churn Dash Nesting Blocks

Wow are these fun!

Are you playing too?

It is not too late. Information is on my side-bar.

This is my first block and I do like the color placements.

I am not too thrilled about the second block.  (oops forgot to remove the selvage on the yellow stripe).

This is the layout for the third block.  I think I will like this one, whenever I get it done!

Off to bed!  Going to be a hot one tomorrow.  Yeah!!


  1. Enjoy that family time and good weather. I haven't started my Nesting Churns yet - you have a good start.

  2. I do like this pattern! And the first one is perfect! Maybe all those stripes are fighting in the last one.... take out the yellow and replace it with a solid?

  3. Love these blocks! I've been seeing quite a bit of this block and it's so tempting. I'll see after I get all of my UFOs done. That's the whole goal this year.

  4. I think both your blocks are adorable!

  5. I've started the Nested Churn Dash too! Only made one block so far, but I think they are fun. I'm using the 1", 2" and 4" Triangle On A Roll paper for the HST's and it makes the block go together fast.

  6. The blocks look great. It is tough to find sewing time when the outside is calling your name.

  7. Pretty! I like the second one best. I was so tired last night that I just stayed out of the sewing room. I've got the nested pattern but haven't started. I can't decide on the fabric I want to use. Well, have a great Tuesday! XO

  8. Gotta get outdoors when you can for sure. This is such a fun looking block. I think it will make a wildly fun quilt. Love the first block and I think the one coming up too. The second one is a tad pale looking next to the first. I think it just needs a couple of bold prints mixed in.

  9. Love your blocks! Just need more contrast.

  10. Lovely colors in your blocks. I also use the outdoor time as much as possible.... This is the midsummer week, and we will have a party on Friday... :-)
    Regards from Ingrid

  11. Great blocks! Its not just you!!! We just got back from 3 1/2 weeks of camping!!! My machine cried when I walked in the door!! ;0) oh ... home!!!


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