Monday, March 3, 2014

This is a fun idea!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed The Academy Awards! I even stayed up for the end. 

I just wanted to share with you this fun idea from

Every Tuesday she is hosting a Linky Party where you can link up an older post.
Remember when we started with 5 followers?  Then it went up a little to say 63?  Then in the hundreds? Well some of your new followers may not have seen some of your earlier posts. This is a chance to share them with new followers. 

So I am joining last week's a little late but



scroll down to Album Quilts to see my post.

I hope to play along every Tuesday.

Click Val's button to join in on the fun!

Val's Quilting Studio

Happy Sewing


  1. You would have seen Aussie Cate win then! How fun to share an old post! I wonder if I have anything interesting??

  2. Jane...serious! THANKS for the shout out! I added your button on my featured here page (SMILES) Guess what...I feel asleep before the awards ended!!! (I know!) PS: My button looks awesome on your blog!

  3. I must be the only person not to have watched it or know who got what ;/ On the upside lots of sewing is being done :)

  4. I totally missed the awards as my kids came for a visit, so we spent time with them instead. By the time I was done cleaning up after their visit, it was bedtime. I have enjoyed watching all the highlights though.


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