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For The Love of Hand Embroidery-Guest Poster-Pam

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The Love of Hand Embroidery.

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Good Morning!  I’m ‘Pam in IL’ and blog over at 
I’m really excited that Jane has allowed me to participate as a guest blogger today. 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved embroidery, sewing and most crafts. When I was really young, I would snatch mom’s scraps from her sewing table so I could make doll clothes and decorations for my room. 

As we got a little older, we were allowed to walk to the dime store downtown and usually bought candy or small toys, but I remember finding embroidery thread, metal hoops and some iron-on designs in the back corner of the store one day. I talked my sister and friends into combining all our money so we could purchase the embroidery supplies. I convinced them that we could each get a hoop and share the thread and transfers.  I was sure we could find some pillowcases at home that we’d be able to embroider on. 

As far as I was concerned, we couldn’t get home quick enough after we made that purchase, but the other girls wanted to stop at the library. I can still feel my impatience as they took what seemed like the whole afternoon looking for library books.  I still have that impatience when I want to start a new project! 

Once we were home, we got mom to iron on the transfers and all four of us girls spent the rest of the day together stitching on our pillowcases. We stitched different designs all over those pillowcases and when there was no room left, we stitched on anything we could get our hands on, like Grandma’s flour sack dish towels, clothing and table linens.

For me, hand embroidery includes all different types of embroidery such as surface embroidery, cross stitch, hardanger, blackwork and redwork. I just really enjoy it all. When I think about my love for all types of hand embroidery, I’m always eager to teach others how to stitch. I’m lucky enough to have a group of kids from church to share my love of hand embroidery with. This small group of boys and girls range from 5 years old up to high school age. 

What better way to participate in Jane’s embroidery challenge than to share it with my group of kids? 

I pulled out Christmas cookie cutters, felt, ribbons, buttons, embellishments and thread.  

We used the cookie cutters as shape templates and then decorated them with stitches and embellishments.  (The kids were given different brands of thread, but for all the pieces I did, I used only Presencia thread.)   A blunt needle was used with the felt so even the youngest kids could do some stitching, add felt embellishments or sew on a button.

These are the ornaments I stitched  

In addition to the ornaments, we each made a block that can be used for a pillow, quilt or banner.  I haven’t decided how I’ll use mine.

The Presencia thread is a dream to work with and I’ll definitely be adding more of it to my stash!

I would like to thank Jane for spreading her love of hand embroidery by inviting us to share our love of hand embroidery!

To our readers.  After you leave your comment, Pam will come back to her post and hit reply to answer your comments and questions. So make sure to come back later in the day!

When Pam first left a comment on my blog I emailed her back and asked where she lived in Illinois. How crazy is this; she grew up where I live!  We talk about the same dime store, the library,the pool,and the grocery stores we both visited!  How fun is that! Pam has moved to another place in Illinois and I am still here, how fun for us to chat!
Sorry, I am rambling!

I love the idea of starting children on the road to the love of stitching!  A simple idea that can turn out so beautiful  Believe me, I will be doping this next year with the Grand-babies! Thank you so much Pam for such wonderful inspiration!

PS  Love your Birdie Stitchery!


  1. What a lovely project to share with young and new stitchers. And how small a world that the two of you have that home town connection.

    1. Thank you. The young stitchers were excited to make their own ornaments for their tree. It's fun to 'chat' with Jane about out home town too.

  2. Replies
    1. I was really excited when Jane told me where she lived and where she grew up. It's been so fun sharing our memories.

  3. I smiled as I read this post about your first experience in embroidery. Thanks for sharing that story.
    The ornaments are so sweet. How nice of you to share your love of embroidery with the younger generation.

    1. Isn't if funny how some long-ago memories are so vivid in our minds? My love for embroidery started way back when and I'm excited when I can share it with other young stitchers.

  4. Way to pay it forward Pam. The kids and you did a great job! Love the ornaments!

    1. Thanks. The kids were excited to see the ornaments I made and then make their own.

  5. How really neat that you and Jane were nearly neighbors!! That's great that you share your talents with the kids; it takes some patience! Loved all the ornaments and your ideas gave me some ideas to use with the grandboys who are interested in learning some sewing.

    1. I really enjoy working with the kids. I'm so excited to hear that you got some ideas to use with your grandboys!

  6. Loved reading about the childhood memories. I've had the pleasure of meeting Pam in person and I consider her my friend :) Similar to Pam, I used to "borrow" stuff from my Mom's sewing basket. My sister who is 3 years younger still remembers how I tried to teach her to make a small bag by hand (I was about 8 and she 5).

    1. Thank you, Meari. I think it's so fun teaching others!

  7. Great idea to make ornaments to get them excited! I love your birdie. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks! It's really fun for me to see the kids learn new stitches (or make up their own).


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