Thursday, December 5, 2013

For The Love of Hand Embroidery-Guest Poster-Kristen

Happy Friday to everyone. 
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On to our next guest for
The Love of Hand Embroidery.

I would like to welcome
Kristen who blogs at

Hi, I'm Kristen and I blog at Meadowbrook
I started this blogging journey at the end of 2010 after spending a week in the ICU with a bad case of food poisoning.  I have always had a love of everything that has to do with threads, and I wanted to hopefully find others who enjoy making things as much as I do.  What a wonderful experience the last three years have been.

I began begging my mother to teach me to embroider at a very young age (that would be 4), and she finally consented when I turned 6.  I don't know why embroidery was so fascinating to me as the threads weren't the best and my stitches were huge, but for some reason I continued experimenting with my love of handwork through the years.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to try the Presencia threads when Jane had a special ten pack to purchase.  I couldn't believe how wonderful the threads were...It was so amazing to use threads that worked with me rather than against me.

This pattern is by This and That Patterns and is called "Snow Much Fun."  I think what I love the most about embroidery is that even though I can't draw stick people, even the simplest of patterns makes me feel like an artist.  I love combining embroidery with quilting.  Thank you Jane for allowing me to participate, I have thoroughly enjoyed using these threads and hope to complete many more projects in the years to come.  --Kristen

To our readers.  After you leave your comment, Kristen will come back to her post and hit reply to answer your comments and questions. So make sure to come back later in the day!

Thank you so much Kristen!  I also love to combine quilting and embroidery.  I love your snowman and where I live (Illinois) I could display him all winter. Thank you for being a guest today.

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  1. This is fabulous. Great stitchery and quilting work.

  2. Love how you combined embroidery and quilting!

    1. Thank you Andee, I used the Nancy Halvorson Christmas fabric from this year. :)

  3. I love the snowman and also love the idea of combining both mediums. Thanks.

  4. The best part about embroidery, you don't have to frame can quilt it and enjoy it that way! :)

  5. How Cute!!! Maybe I should take my little snowman quilt to Florida with me - so I'm reminded of what I leave behind in Illinois! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!! You've come a long way since you were 6!!

    1. I think you should take your snowman along...he might enjoy the nice weather too! :)

  6. really cute and made just in time for the holidays.

  7. Thanks Carrie, in time and able to use all the way through March! :)

  8. Your snowman is adorable! The bright block colors of the border make im jump out. Real cute.

  9. I love how you bordered that CuTe snowman! What a happy quilt!


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