Friday, July 19, 2013

Shabby Apple

I have a website I would love to share with you!  Have you heard of Shabby Apple?
They sell wonderful clothes, yep, not fabric, clothes.  I have a very hard time buying a dress where when I get it home I do not have to stitch the front closed. Shabby Apple has just the kind of clothes I want!  I would call them 
Cute, stylish, fun, modern, retro,  yet modest. Take a peek at some of their dresses....

How cute are these!

Oh my, how cute is this one!!

They also have shoes!

And their prices are so reasonable!

Here is the one I am getting!
It is called 

But I also have my eye on the above cute brown one!

Do yourself a favor, take a peek!
Psst, there is a sale going on!


  1. Love them! Pretty, soft styles.

  2. Thanks for the link Jane. I like the dresses you chose.

  3. I love, love this site - earlier this am I saw another site raving about (and ordering) the dresses and agree it is wonderful to find dresses that are modest enough to even consider wearing in today's world that likes to expose everything. Hee, Hee IMHO only. Judy C loves your choices.

  4. I always find something on this site so I try not to look too much. Love the red one you are getting!

  5. Thanks for sharing - I'll go check it out! (I adore wearing dresses)


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