Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Binding My Time

Not sure about everyone else but it has been hot here in Illinois, yes mighty hot!
Now do not get me wrong, I adore summer but when it is so hot it is hard to breath, that is too hot!
So, I thought I would catch up on some bindings I need.  Nice easy work while watching TV.

Sorry I cannot show you the projects yet, but soon, very soon.

Yellow might be for Katie
Red, might be for Christmas
Multi Dot, might be for the baby boy quilt
And the black print ....
Time will tell?
I needed a lot of yellow!

Hope you are doing something you love.
Happy sewing


  1. Love your prints for binding. The red roses print is stunning! Anxiously awaiting the finsihed quilts.

  2. It's been super hot and super rainy here in South Carolina.

  3. I love a mystery...can't wait to see what you whip up with those pretty fabrics.

  4. I don't mind doing bindings if the binding is already done up....have fun!


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