Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are You A No-Reply Blogger?

Oh my dear sweet blogging friends.  It causes me untold stress when I receive a comment or question and I cannot answer it because there is no email attached to the comment.
That my friends is a
no-reply blogger.
You may be one and do not even know it!
Here is how to check and/or fix the situation.

FIRST~~ Go to your dashboard. On the top right corner you will see your blog name. Click the ARROW for the drop down menu.


THIRD~~ In the upper right hand corner you will see in the orange box the words EDIT PROFILE, click it!

FOURTH~~ On that page make sure the box Show my email address is CHECKED.

Look to the right and make sure you see your email. if you do not scroll down to IDENTITY, scroll down to Email Address and make sure you see it, if not enter your email.

FIFTH~~~ The most important step of all, scroll all the way down and click SAVE!!!  if you do not hit SAVE nothing will change.

All done!

Oh I hope this helps. I look forward to answering everyone's comments!

PS  A helpful link from one of our readers who is on Google +.


  1. Thank you Jane -- I have had trouble since I changed to Google+ Hopefully I have rectfied it now.

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  5. Great Instructions and easy to follow! :)
    Now what I want to know...How do you get the adorable 'signature' on the bottom of your post? :)

  6. I too like to respond to someone who takes the time to comment. I don't know why some people are annonymous is easy to sign into the blogger.

  7. Another one that's impossible to respond to is Open ID. I get so frustrated and feel bad when I can't respond. Thanks for this great reminder.

  8. Jane, you have tried to help me before with this same issue. Wondered if I have fixed my problem. Thank you for your help with this problem of mine.


  9. Jane, this is true confessions! I was a no-reply blogger until someone pointed it out to me this week. It changed somewhere between August and January because I had not been a no reply blogger. But it is more difficult to change if you are using Goggle+. Google+ disables editing of your blogger profile. So to be able to edit your profile again, you have to get it back. I finally figured out how to do it but it took a big of playing to do so. And I am pretty techie. So for your Google+ users maybe this link will give them the answers.

  10. Thanks Jane! It's always a good idea to check especially if you aren't a blogger.

  11. Great Post.. do you mid if I feature you on my blog and use your blog post about this? I have so many that comment that I cannot respond too.. this might be a big help...

    drop me a note and I will link back to your post here..


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