Thursday, October 4, 2012

What do you think?

Was I, Good, Bad, or Smart?

Have you ever just gone on-line, let's say to etsy, and typed in the word fabric?
No special fabric line or special color?

I did!
(sub-category) quilting fabrics

250 pages popped up!
Oh delight of delights!

So, I spent the next several day "looking".
If I saw something I like it was added to my wish list.
As my friend said, "oh, like window shopping".  Yes, just like that!

Then at the end of several days I went to my wish list.


So, I did a little weeding out and this is what I purchased.
It was only CHING, not CA-CING!

I need theses, really! I do!

Wren Gypsy Wildfield by Valori Wells

purchased HERE

Chic Bebe Pink/ White Dots

Purchased HERE

And a new Shop I have never seen!

This is what I purchased from there:

Pretty Little Things for Free Spirit

Blue Dots by Moda

O'Tinsel Tree 2 for Robert Kaufman

NOW, Wait for it!!

Pillow and Maxfield Christmas For Michael Miller Fabrics

What a grand time I had, and all done in my PJ's!!


  1. I personally think you did great! Love the fabrics, especially those Christmas I see Santas in your future?

  2. Shopping from home is soooo much fun and then waiting for the UPS man! There are so many fabrics out there, no quilt shop could ever have them all.

  3. I'd say you had a great time shopping in your pjs!!!!

  4. Lots of nice choices. I love hitting the quilt store when I can and always get at least a couple of fat quarters, have to have our fabric fix;)


  5. What a gorgeous new stash! I LOVE Wildfield!

  6. I think you were very "good" to enjoy some surfing in your PJ's, "smart" because you saved all of that gas $$ to spend on new fabric instead, but "bad" to share another great way to buy fabric!! Love those fabrics..great colors and variety in designs. I am sure they would be perfect for my projects!!

  7. KA CHING...or ca ching...what is it...but really Jane...what a fabulous loot or is that lout? lol
    YOu know I love those reds.... what you gonna make

  8. Looks like a fun shopping time to me.


  9. So I dont have to share the link to my friends etsy store where she is destashing yardage and amazing scrap packs. With free shipping. Did I mention she sold her very popular quilt store last spring where she carried exclusively Westminster fabric to start a design busines? Ok here is her link

  10. Yummy treats! Just think of all the money your saved on gas!

  11. Good job shopping. So good of you to help the economy! Love the christmas fabrics.

  12. I love all the fabrics you got!! Shopping from home is great you can even do it in your undies! LOL

  13. Oh Wow!!! I need all of those fabrics too!!! Great at home shopping fun!!!!


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