Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take a few minutes

Take a few minutes as you blog hop and listened to few of my favorite songs. I could and have played these over and over and over!

I have seen Sarah Brightman in concert and she gives me chills every time I hear her. (Did you know she had once been married to Andrew Lloyd Weber?)
You of course know her from The Phantom Of The Opera but this is my favorite songs and not that well known.

Sarah and Josh Groban, REALLY!!   WOW!

One last favorite!!


September 20th


  1. Ok, can't resist sharing...
    I have a bit of a Phantom obsession...Sarah's great, but Michael...oh, my!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these selections Jane! I just kept on replaying them...they are beautiful!

  3. Thank you Jane for sharing. I am a fan of those beautiful voices too.

  4. She's got a beautiful voice although I've never seen her in concert. My husband and I both however have seen Josh Groban in concert during his concert for his first CD released a few years ago. Long story but we actually went to two concerts during that tour one week apart; one in Milwaukee, WI and the other in Chicago, IL.

    It was just amazing and brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine you did the same when you saw her Sarah as well.

  5. Ahhh Sarah has always been one of my fav singers and Josh...well i have all of cd's great choices...


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