Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Any Ideas?

We have all summer (winter) to sew, does anyone have any ideas for a swap?
A swap you wished you had joined but missed the sign-up date.
Rainbow Fabric Charm Swap?
Halloween Wonky Log Cabin Block Swap?
String Block Swap?
Kona Swap?

I would love to host but want to host something we all can enjoy.
So let me know your thoughts!


I do love your ideas but I was looking for a no sew swap. So...

I will be hosting a
 Kona 10 inch Charm swap.

All details will be posted tomorrow.  Thanks for your ideas, you may see them
in the future!


  1. A string block swap would be fun, but really any of them would be great.

  2. A block swap would be fun - Halloween or Christmas would be fun - but I think that mug rugs might rank up there too.

  3. I love mug rug & mini swaps!

  4. I would love a Kona swap because I'd like to have a larger variety of colors in my stash.


  5. I love to be part of any swap : ) Kona swap. Halloween swap. Christmas swap. Lets have all the swap coming : )

  6. a wonky log cabin or star, (not halloween though) sounds great to me. I am up for anything- i dont string piece so i'd haveta learn that one

  7. I would like to participate in a swap. I would enjoy a Christmas block swap, but I would definitely be open to the other ideas.

  8. how about a Haunted Halloween house block swap :)
    or Christmas gingerbread house block :)
    something cute or scary I'm sure it will be a great swap

  9. I dare not answer, because I promised myself no more swaps, but I always love yours. I would have loved to the Rainbow charm swap but it was for U.S. residents only.

  10. OOOH! I love the suggestion of a Christmas gingerbread house swap! What a cute project that could lead to! LOL

  11. I have no konafabric to swap but the halloween house sounds fun :) hugs to you Jane! !

  12. Any sort of block swap is A-ok with me!!

  13. I love small item swaps!
    Sadly most are always closed off to international swappers. =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D

  14. What about a Jelly Strip swap (2-1/2"X width of fabric) either Halloween or Christmas. I know, you're shocked to hear from me about a swap. But this kind wouldn't require sewing 12 of something. Just cutting and swapping the fabric then I get to sew just one of something with the fabrics. We could even have a jelly roll race after the swap!

  15. I was watching Fons and Porter TV show and they did a half square triangle swap.
    They used the paper to make the triangles to get accurate 1/2 square triangles.
    I don't know how hard it would be to find the papers. I know I have some that make 2 1/2" squares.
    Just an idea.
    I look forward to what you decide.


I always love to hear your thoughts!