Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilt Shop Hop Part One

My friend Elaine and I went on a quilt store shop hop. For those of you who do nit know what that is, you go to several quilt stores in a day (or two) and shop! You have a passport and the store will stamp the passport.
At the end you turn it in and you may win a prize.

Nope, I did not win a prize
Look at my new treasures!
When we were looking around one store, I peeked on a lower shelf and then let out a squeal(really a big squeal)!

Berenstain Bear Fabric


Why oh Why did I not know about this?

I immediately grabbed the bolts and held on tight!

Not only did I buy the fabric I bought all that was on the bolts!!

First bolt I finished...

Next bolt I finished...

Third bolt I finished...

I was so in love with this fabric that I went on-line to find more!

I see some fussy cutting in my future!

The Berenstain Bear books are very dear to my heart. I have read them literally hundreds of times to all three of my girls.
 I now get to start over with my grandbabies.

This cross stitched picture has hung in all my girls rooms at one time. I made this when my middle daughter was one and yes when I could see!!
It is now hanging in my office.

Yep 1985! Gee Whiz I am old!!

This quilt will be my summer project.

I cannot wait to pull out all my books and stuffed family.
Yes, I own the whole family!!

While we were shopping one of the shoppers mentioned that Jan Berenstain has passed away not to long ago; very sad news.

But their books will always be a very important part of our lives.

Hmm, off to eBay to see what Bear goodies I can find.

Shop Hop Part Two Tomorrow!


  1. I used to love reading those books to my kids, they are so fun.


  2. Even more exciting to me was the recent release of Richard Scary's Busy Town fabric. Dang I need grandchildren or more nephews and nieces!

  3. I love the Berenstain Bears! My three sons had many of the books memorized and now that they're grown, they still remember them.

  4. OHHHH we too we were a family of BB' fact for years, my kids and I exchanged the teddy bears...we all ended up with so many we took them to a children's; hospital...they have been endearing now to many others I am the fabric...

  5. I have some charms and a layer cake - but some yardage would be nice - yes, have the books and bears, too.

  6. Yup, been there, done that, read just about every BB book to our children that was in print...a long time ago. Have fun with that fabric!

  7. Wow a shop hop! Why can't the UK get up to date!
    I got a charm pack of the fabric-well 2- Love the bears! We had books when we were younger..I still have one on my shelf =D

  8. I love this fabric too! I bought the large print and three coordinates. Can't wait to see what you do with your fabric.

  9. I sooo loved those stories!! I read them to my four children also. I can't wait to see your quilt all done!!

  10. I love our shop hops up here. Free goodies at each store as well as a chance to win.
    Love the BB fabric. Have you picked out a pattern yet?

  11. I saw the pic in my Google Reader and I had to come see! I love it! Those bears got my kids through some great times! And me too since I read them as a child as well!

  12. I can just see you grabbing the bolts and then buying them all....what fun!! I can't wait to see the results of your grabbing...

  13. I have some of the charm packs from the Bear line...I LOVE THEM! I'm making 2 baby blankets out of them, one boy and one girl. I have yet to come across any on a bolt, I would love to though. The pics you took are great! I wish I had some, the charm packs are too small to contain the good pics! I can't wait to see your quilt!

  14. Very, very cute fabric. So glad you found it. I read those books to my daughter, as well.

  15. I am guilty too! with a find like that I would have been jazzed all day!! Have Fun!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  16. I looooooooooved those books when I was little. What a great fabric find!

  17. I'm Jane's "partner in crime or shop hopping" and, yes, she let out a LOUD squeel - I was at the back of the store and heard it! lol All the women in the shop were smiling at her excitement! Talk about cute fabric!! Love it!!

  18. OH, what fun! I have many of those books too. I see quilts for the grandkids in the future. :)

  19. The bear family is adorable, Jane! Fussy cutting would be so cute! :)

  20. I can STILL hear my Mother's voice reading me the Bears and the Spoooooky old Tree!! :')

  21. Glad you hit the jackpot with the Bernsteins Jane!


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