Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a thought for Thursday.......

What Thursday means to me...
I know I have mentioned that I get the wonderful privilege of watching my grand- babies 3 mornings a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  I adore every minute (yes, even helping with potty training), but by noon I am tired! The thought of hitting the sewing machine, no way! So on those evenings I do my stitching.
I wake up Thursday, a little sad as I have no babies BUT I dive into  sewing. I try to work from Thursday until Sunday!!
I think I would be called a long weekend sewer!

Today I start yellow,
Here is the pile I will iron and cut!

I am also trying to design a birdie block for November. I have loved every block that  Little Miss Shabby designed. It was a wonderful Quilt-A-Long! I however,wanted to try my hand at a block. I used her February Birdies (minus the hearts and flowers) and added a  cornucopia, I may add the tree from her September block as it was so pretty.

Do you have special days you sew?

Yes, I have to get going, get off the computer, get off the computer, get off........


  1. I'd like to sew everyday but that doesn't happen because my two jobs seem to take up a lot of my time and my eyes are tired at night! But Saturdays and Sundays I often get more extended stitching time in. Your little Birdies redesign is very cute! Lots of great yellows there too. Enjoy!

  2. It is nice to have the little ones and it is nice to have days to sew!!!

    I love all of the yellows.

    A lot of us added to our November block of birdies. I added corn stalks to mine and decorated the turkey up a bit. I like the cornucopia!

  3. I am waiting for the guys to finish the siding. I had to take things down and my room is a mess. For now I am working on small lap projects, since i am too lazy to move around much;)


  4. that cracked me up---I'm so guilty of playing on the computer instead getting down to business too. I try to reserve Friday for sewing; I've found it's best to "schedule" sewing or it doesn't happen.
    p.s. I love Mary Lou Weidman's birds best.

  5. Love the yellows! And your birdies design is sweet! Enjoy sewing over the next few days. I sew a little bit each day if time permits. My mornings are usually the busiest!

  6. I LOVE YELLOW>...buttercreams know I don't get as much sewing in like I used now only weekends...
    and now cheerio I must go lol

  7. Oh...lucky you and those grandbabies....I just sew almost every day but not Sundays....

  8. I watch kids and sew when they nap!! It is my 'lunch' break!! But joy of joys I ended up with this Friday off... and I am spending it with my new Brother!! He arrived on Tuesday and I have had limited play with him!!

  9. Special because my schedule is far too erratic! But I have found that if I have a day when I have nothing on my schedule--don't have to go out for any reason--I can go to the sewing room and sew all day without getting tired. If I have errands to run in the mornings I'm reluctant to go to the sewing room in the afternoon. Makes no sense whatsoever. blessings, marlene

  10. I don't get to have a particular day. What I get for sewing is just every chance I get. My favorite time is right out of bed...literally first thing in the morning.

    Your yellow block is going to be awesome!

  11. I like to sew everyday but that doesn't always happen. Like the last few days. I have been busy purging my sewing room. My guild is having a show in March and we always have a boutique so I thought it was a good time to go through stuff.
    Almost done so maybe today.

  12. Love the yellow and it is so amazing that you are ahead of the game. Good for you. Your pics of the grankids are super sweet. I love seeing them.


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