Monday, December 27, 2010

I Won!!!!!

I WON!!!!!!
And I mean I won the Mother load!!
I won a blog makeover from the famous, yes famous Madame Samm!!
You all know this amazing lady, she has not one but two blogs.


On Christmas Day I took a little break from all the festivities and hopped over to my computer to take a peek at a few blogs. I am a follower of both of Madame Samm's blogs. I noticed on Sew I Quilt she was giving a Christmas gift to one of her lucky followers. I could not type my comment fast enough. In fact I was number one!!

Now after a while I thought, oh nuts, not number one, it rarely wins.

BUT when I went to bed that night I could not get it off my mind. I wanted some, any, a little piece of her genius on my blog.

My dear family let me sleep in the following morning (11 AM) BTW I was up at 5 AM today!!

When I awoke they said a lady named Samm called.

"What, why didn't you wake me up? You have no idea who that is!!!!”

I ran to my computer and there it was in full Technicolor was my new graphic!!

There was my smiling face and pretty pink bow! Bling and all!

Within one minute of looking the phone rang and it was Samm.
Now mind you we've only know each other from a few emails but this design was ME!!!

What Samm knew about me, WITHOUT me telling her...

I like vintage
And decorate in blue
That was it!!

And look at what I received!

Interesting facts about my design...
My girl was from a 1949 margarine ad
The font was the style used in the late 40's early 50's
The background design was reminiscent of the type of wallpaper used.
My name Jane is scanned blue gingham fabric, very popular in that time as was polka dots.

Luck is not my middle name, that is until now!

I am so very grateful for my new look. She is an artist. There is no doubt in my mind that Samm has a sixth sense.
Please do yourself a favor and visit her blogs. You will find her kindness shines through.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Samm for all you hard work and your creative genius.
It will be a joy to post on my blog!


  1. WOW!!! Your blog looks fabulous!!! Congratulations Jane :)

  2. It looks great!! Congratulations!!

  3. Good Morning Jane....ahhhh I like coming here is sew you..and as I said..I cannot do it unless I feel you...And I felt Sew to new year filled with retro and you...

  4. Laugh you are very funny, how lucky it looks great.


  5. Good Morning, Jane,
    You are one lucky girl...your blog looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing the links too. I am now a new follower of Madame Samm.

    Have a creative day ~Natalie

  6. CONGRATULATIONS Jane!! Madame Samm has worked her magic and couldn't have picked a more deserving's awesome....and complete with a blink....lucky you!

  7. Congratulations Jane! It looks fanttastic!

  8. It really is fabulous!! What a wonderful win.

  9. Congratulations on your "makeover"! Madame Samm is certainly gifted!

    New sewing space - new blog look!

  10. It looks lovely, will take some getting used to. Samm did a wonderful job.

  11. Congratulations. Both Blogs are amazing.

  12. Isn't Madame Samm awesome and so creative? Congrats to you on your new look! I looked at the renovations you have been doing...also very awesome, enjoy!

  13. Boy, you did win, this design is such a great look for you. What a great way to start the new year happy!

  14. It's just beautiful, Jane! Perfect look for your blog!

  15. Jane, congrats! I love your new blog makeover, it is so you. The new blue polka dot border match your new studio color. Just beautiful.

  16. I love the very retro look to it. Congrats!

  17. A fabulous looking blog now. And designed by the great Madam Samm. How awesome is that? Congratulations Jane.

  18. yes, you did hit the mother load, you lucky lady! Yipee! I love the new look!

  19. Dear Jane, congrats! I know, I know, Samm is the most wonderful person isn't she? She also made me over..come and see my blog when you get time..your blog is wonderful, and it has that special Samm touch, but seems to match your personality perfectly! She has a way of feeling who we are, and what we want, even if we can't manage to get it right ourselves! Have a great day, enjoy your new blog! I'm happy for you. Christel

  20. Congratualtions Jane on your lucky makeover! Wow, what a wonderful job Madame Samm did too! She is just the best!

  21. Congratulations! Your makeover looks marvelous. I love your signature with the pink bow.

  22. Isn't it beautiful? So joy-filled. :) It makes me smile to see the blonde! blessings, marlene

  23. That is an amazing win Jane! I love the work Samm does and would be just as thrilled as you with a makeover! Congratulation!

  24. What a cool deal! Your blog looks great. Congrats on the makeover.

  25. Your new look is fabulous!! Congratulations Jane!

  26. What a wonderful win! Congrats and I love the look.

  27. The logo is so Totally You! Congrats so much! I love the design and yes you did win the mtherload as the saying goes!

  28. Your blog looks wonderful! Congratulations!


  29. Congratulations Jane, and giving some insight to your the retro look...Warm Regards, Lyn


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